Agents Of SOROS Are Vermin

SOROS has moles entrenched at the highest levels of our government.  We must excise this cancer if America is ever to be free again.  True American Heroes will rip these political leaches from America’s throat and crush them like the sniveling vermin they are.

Fire For Effect On SOROS Scum

General Alexander Emerick Jones is the commanding officer of patriot forces fighting in the Information War against Agents of SOROS.  This based water filter merchant is an animal who could rip grown men apart with his bare hands.  Deus Vult and the creek don’t rise, we will save this Republic!

Deport Globalist Cabal To ISIS

These idiots made this mess so they can go clean it up.  No, they aren’t idiots, this was all by design which makes them evil geniuses.  True Zeroes wrecked America on purpose because they were always anchor baby trash to begin with.  True Heroes deport filth from America!

True Heroes Are Real

President Trump is winning the hearts and minds of the People by using the media’s lies to promote truth and justice.  He’s the blue collar billionaire and he’s real, folks.  For God and Country it is Trump’s Holy Duty to defend America from the foreign hoards.  True American Heroes will dare!

Agents of SOROS Will Talk Or Else

As the ongoing American Civil War heats up, Agents of SOROS must be captured alive in order to property extract counter intelligence which could save millions of innocent lives.  America’s Intelligence Community must route out the moles and traitors, like parasites they must be excised by any means necessary.  Agents of SOROS will talk, or else.

Pedophiles Fall From Sky

The UH-60 Black Hawk is a powerful tool for law enforcement which allows officers to take child molesters for incredible rides.  The speedy trials and unbelievable summary executions are going over well with the People considering the depravity and insanity they faced under a President Clinton and Secretary of State Podesta.  Let it rain scum.

Meeting The New Sheriff

The most detestable vermin are the child raping, human trafficking sons of bitches currently being rolled up by American police forces loyal to the President.  Low level pedophile covens and child procurer Renfield types are being “questioned” and there’s a new sheriff in town, Skippy!

Deportation By Lethal Injection

President Trump is keeping his promise to Make America Great Again by waging a war against corruption.  Long-suspected and only recently well known freakishly bizarre pedophile covens were protected by the Deep State Intelligence Community traitors and are enemies of The People.  Time to take out the garbage and deport this vermin trash by legal, lethal injection.

Marine Corps Raids Lolita Island

Military forces loyal to President Trump must hammer Pedophile Island.  Lord knows what devilry they’ll uncover as thousands of human traffickers and pedophiles have been arrested globally since January 20th, 2017.  The President is following through with his promise to Make America Safe Again for our children.  Let the heroes of the Marine Corps set them strait!

Traitors Fly Free With U.S. Air Force

The Agents of SOROS can fly for free on certain U.S. Air Force flights.  There aren’t any seats for them, but rest assured they will be strapped down like a side of beef.  Trump will show these pricks American doe not negotiate with pedophiles or terrorists.  They should be lucky they aren’t getting helicopter rides, yet.

Prospectus of The Daily Texian

December 18th, 1841

“This institution will be devoted to the cause of the People of Texas, and an unwearied promoter of their general interests.  It will support the administration of Gen. Houston, so far as his policy may be compatible with the interests of the community at large.  A portion of its pages will be appropriated to literature, and general intelligence.  Every assiduity will be used, to make the Texian an acceptable visitant to the Farmer, the Mechanic, the Merchant, and the professional man.  It will be printed on super-royal sheet, and in new type.  Terms—Five dollars per volume, of fifty-two numbers, in par money, or its equivalent in Texas Treasury notes, payable, invariably, in advance.  Persons who do not wish to subscribe regularly for this paper, can purchase copies at this office.  Price, 50 cents, Texas money.”

January 20th, 2017

“This institution is now devoted to the cause of the People of America, and an unwearied promoter of their general interests.  It will support the administration of President Trump, so far as his policy may be compatible with the interests of the community at large.

Terms—Gratis . . . free of charge.  Any donation is greatly appreciated, American money.